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Massage Experience

Pick the Massage Experience of your choice!

You get to choose the ambient conditions of your massage from this menu & make it an experience uniquely designed for you.  You can pick them out “a la carte”, or select a pre-designed theme that suits your needs.


1. Northwest Sunny Days Experience – beat the winter blues and cloudy days with this mood-lifting massage experience which includes a therapeutic light-therapy lamp scientifically proven to relieve seasonal sadness, insomnia, and low energy; the air will be diffused with Sunshine Spice Blend for aromatherapy, heated table with heated oils and towels, uplifting music, smiling positive encouragement and hopefulness from your therapist, finished with a couple of drops of Vitamin D emulsion and a to-go cup of a bright and energizing herbal tea blend. Arise from this experience feeling elevated and ready to take on the world with a new sense of joy and pizazz!

2. Super Stress Reliever Experience – let go of your worries and relieve chronic stress with this calming Zen experience. Feel the heated oils, heated towels, and heated plush table melt your troubles away while hearing Delta-Brainwave music play to put your brain into ultra stress-relieving meditation mode, scientifically proven to lower levels of the stress hormone, cortisol. Smell the aromas of a grounded calmness and simplicity you had forgotten as your therapist helps you to reconnect your mind with your body and the present moment and forget about the outside world or the future with a final scalp-face-neck and occipital release. Leave with an ease-filled smile and a sense of life’s effortless flow, as well as a to-go cup of tea blended with stress adaptogen herbs, for lasting effect.

3. Island Get-away Experience – escape to a tropical island and get in vacation mode with this massage experience. Leave work and responsibilities behind as you listen to the ocean waves and sounds of the locals playing lazily on mandolins. Take in the smells of citrus and coconuts as you feel the warmth of the air, the heated table and coconut oils, the towels, and the light-therapy lamp which will shine above you, but not in your eyes, to give you all the benefits it has to provide with none of the inconveniences of sunglasses or sunscreen. Let your therapist be your concierge and take you away on a journey to your own oasis. Leave with a to-go cup of a sunny mango tea blend so that your vacation may linger after you’ve left.

4. Strength and Immunity Experience – kick that lingering cold or cough, or prevent illness with this immune-boosting massage experience. Crawl under the covers of a warm soft table and listen to quieting music as aromatherapy will be tailored to your specific physical needs whether it’s to relieve symptoms or prevent them, and hydrotherapy methods will be used to increase circulation to the area needing most help and decrease circulation from overly-congested areas. At the end of the massage, Lymphatic drainage technique will finish the session to help encourage your immune system to work at it’s utmost abilities. Leave with a to-go glass of immune-boosting tea and honey to fight off any winter bugs that may be trying to take hold or are still holding on.

5. New Year New You Experience – get your New Year’s resolutions started off right with this massage experience. Honor your body’s optimal health by letting your therapist work on those muscles you’ve just started using in a new way wether you’ve started a new workout regimen or yoga practice or are training for a race you’ve always wanted to participate in, using essential oils and magnesium gel that will help them recover for your next workout all while listening to inspirational music. Detoxify and find your optimal body composition by enjoying a 10 minute sauna spa treatment after your massage treatment, and leave with a to-go glass of muscle and joint enhancing herbal tea blend with electrolytes. You can do it!