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32590_10152015149704657_233984204_n                             DANCE FITNESS
Dr. Paula Pilcher has been teaching “Dance Dance Dance” at the Southwest Community Center in SW Portland since February of 2005.  Drawing on her 16 years of dance training, 10 years of musical theatre experience, and over 19 years of teaching group fitness classes, she has created a cardiovascular fitness class that revolves around different dance themes which change weekly.  The dance themes fit into categories such as:  Genres, Style, Ballroom, Broadway, Movies, Artist Tributes, Current Pop trends, and more.  It is designed to keep you moving with creative choreography.  You dont have to have dance experience to join in on the dance floor because Paula will start the moves off with basic steps, then add options for higher intensity and dance flair to it, so that you have the option of working with high/low amounts of coordination, and high/low amounts of intensity.  The steps are fluid so that you are moving throughout the duration of the class to increase aerobic endurance.  The moves are designed to tone your calves, thighs, hips, abdomen, arms, and of course that booty-shaking side!

WARNING:  be prepared to burn extra calories with smiles and laughter that ‘may be addictive’, but excellent, for your health!

The class takes place every Sunday from 10:15am-11:15am at the
SW Community Center in Gabriel Park:  
6820 SW 45th Ave, Portland, OR 97219
phone: 503-823-2840

cost:  $6.50

Check the calendar on this website to also learn about the Dance Fitness & Sculpt class taught by Dr. Paula on Wednesday & Friday mornings at 8:20am.  Get your dance on AND tone up those dancer muscles with weights, gliders, bands, balls, and bars!

941300_10152019915279657_241030524_nTo learn how to take part in the class, visit their website here.

Rates can be found under the ‘Admission  & Memberships’ link.