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Ask The Teacher!

How is this birth class different from a hospital birth class?

“There are several differences between this birth class series & a hospital class, including the way that pain management is approached, coping techniques, & birthing philosophy. Often a hospital’s approach is somewhat limited to drugs & lamaze breathing, which isn’t always indicated or appropriate to every stage of labor.  Labor is progressive throughout, & it is good to have several techniques in your bag of tricks because you won’t know what’s going to work until you are in labor & doing it…& then as labor moves along & rhythms change, a change of technique to fit the new rhythm will usually be desired. The approach is also different in that I like to talk a lot about how you can work with your body to facilitate childbirth, understand how your body is working to bring your baby closer to you, & really go within to help move things along.  We go over creating a birth plan, & go into depth covering massage techniques, reflexology, herbs, homeopathy, affirmations, & aromatherapy. So that will most likely be different, as well.”

What if I’m already signed up for a hospital birth class series?

“Couples doing hospital births that I have helped in the past have commented that they feel the classes can be complementary. They like the hospital classes for getting familiar with how the hospital they will be at is set up, procedures, available resources for their birth & how they’re available (birth tub, birth ball, pushing or squat bars, etc.).  Then a class like the one I am offering is very helpful for the actual process of birthing, coping, discussing fears, meeting other couples with similar ideals, etc.”

Is this series appropriate for home/clinic births, VBAC’s, or for twin birth?

“Yes! This series addresses all of these scenarios as needed. Each quarter the classes are tailored based upon the six couples who sign up and what their needs are so that all may benefit!”

Who will be teaching the series?

“Dr. Paula will be teaching the series using her expertise in childbirth, naturopathic medicine, massage therapy, education, & physical fitness. Beth Genly, RN, CNM, has 13 years experience as a Nurse Midwife & is an expert in Nutritional Genomics for pregnant moms & their babies. She will be visiting as a guest speaker during the series.”